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Bio Triangle Project
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EU-US Task Force

he EU-US Task Force on Biotechnology has been coordinating transatlantic efforts to promote research on biotechnology and its applications for the benefit of society.
The Task Force's activities is responsible for identifying topics of mutual interest and organizing workshops and other activities that engage scientific experts from the US and European research communities to discuss challenges and opportunities in their respective focus areas. The Task Force has acted as an effective forum for discussion, for coordination and for developing new ideas. It aims a stronger education for the next generation of researchers, new cooperation mechanisms, a better use of funding opportunities, need for innovation to market applications.
The Task Force, therefore, serves as an important think-tank, focused on the future of biotechnology and challenges the scientific communities on both sides of the Atlantic to expand their thinking beyond specific scientific disciplines. The dialogue has been further broadened by including social scientists in all activities. It seeks to anticipate the needs of tomorrow's science, today. To achieve such a challenging goal requires effective transatlantic communication and collaboration. By today the Task Force is working through the following Working groups:

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