Bio Triangle Project
Bio Triangle Project
fostering bioeconomy research

International Knowledge-Based Bio-Economy Forum

The purpose of the International KBBE Forum is to share ideas and experiences on policy, strategies and actions in the various bio-economy sectors, to come up with new ideas to address societal challenges, and to foster collaboration and joint activities that will promote innovation in bio-economy sectors.
The Forum is a new multi-partner cooperation initiative launched by the Directorate for Biotechnology, Agriculture and Food at the European Commission's DG Research and Innovation. It is an extension of the various bilateral approaches to cooperation between the EC, Australia, Canada and New Zealand. It promotes cooperation in the bio-economy through policy dialogue and scientific cooperation between the partners. It identifies, therefore, common challenges and priority areas for joint activities aiming to develop a bio-economy at international level. The Forum members exchange information on policy, strategies and implementation that are ongoing and planned by each partner in the bio-economy sectors.
The Forum also acts as a think-tank for identifying future trends and challenges in the bio-economy. The activities of the Forum raise awareness of funding opportunities, promote the sharing of knowledge, and boost collaboration in the spirit of the Science and Technology Agreements.
The four current Working Groups (on sustainable agriculture, biotechnologies, food and health and fisheries and aquaculture) are at the heart of the Forum's activities.

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