Bio Triangle Project
Bio Triangle Project
fostering bioeconomy research

Biotriangle Project

BIO TRIANGLE is a 3 year project funded by the EC under the FP7 which aims at streamlining bio-research in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United States through multilateral cooperation activities with Europe.

BIO TRIANGLE brings together the leaders in BIO-research from Europe and four industrialized Third Countries which together form a imaginary TRIANGLE around our globe. The project's objective is to foster scientific and technological cooperation in the Knowledge-Based Bio Economy (KBBE) between Europe and Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United States. It builds upon two important, ongoing initiatives: the EU-US Task Force on biotechnology, and the International KBBE Forum, involving the EU, Australia, Canada and New Zealand. The project wants to ensure a prominent groundwork for foresight and priority setting in the area of KBBE, to strengthen the multilateral dialogue and to facilitate exchange programmes.

The activities include the organization of:

In addition, information will be disseminated through the websites of the two initiatives and promotional materials, and via related networks.


The expected impacts of BIO TRIANGLE are:


The project is divided in 4 work packages:


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